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Concentric Disc Butterfly Valve

Concentric Disc Butterfly Valve Manufacturers

In order to fulfill the needs of valve we are engaged in offering a Concentric Disc Butterfly Valve. The offered Valve

The most Butterfly Valve is commonly called as Concentric or Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve. Manufactured and designed to have an optimal mix of structural stability flow efficiency and effective seating. The offered Disc Butterfly Valve are available for all fluid service requirement suitable body like a liner, disc materials combination for up to 210 °c in PN6,  PN16, ANSI 125 to 150 rating. The Concentric Disc Butterfly valve is manufactured as per BS 5155 / API 609/ AWWA C504. This Concentric Disc butterfly valve is low weight and compact design. These Butterflies are available in various sizes, shapes according to the need of our clients. These Concentric Butterfly valve is easy to install in any position between Horizontal and Vertical piping.

Features of Concentric Disc Butterfly Valve

  • Less maintenance
  • Easy to operate
  • Light in weight
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Study construction